New Digital Magazine Cover

If you’re like me, I LLLOOVVEEE when work is finally released and you can finally post all the behind the scenes and final images that you have been holding onto for weeks!!!

So roughly a few months ago I had the opportunity to collaborate with make up artist, and creator of Grind Pretty Mimi J in Atlanta. I had the opportunity to photograph the cover for the first issue of the new digital magazine for Grind Pretty which featured . Also found out a printed feature will be in Inspired the Magazine which will be on shelves in Target and Barnes and Noble on June 24th! So excited to see everything come to life.

For the lighting set up I used a 2 light set up using the Paul C Buff‘s Alien Bees Flash Units. On the key light, I had the 47″ Foldable Octabox and for the fill I used the the same lighting modifier with the flash unit on the floor aiming up at the subject which created the beautiful catchlight in her eyes as well as a soft fill on the skin. Lighting set up can be seen in the following video:

As you can tell I love using  Paul C Buff gear. Make sure to check them out and use my referral code REFTRF2018!

What do you think about my latest post?

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