GladiatHers Summit

I had the opportunity to attend and cover the GladiatHers®: Women in Sports Empowerment Summit (“The Summit”), this past Wednesday! This summit was put on by the creator of GladiatHers, Cecelia Townes, former college athlete and now an Atlanta-based attorney and entrepreneur who is dedicated to improving on the experiences of student-athletes and to changing the public perception of athletes, especially that of female athletes and women in sports.

This summit began with a wellness workshop led by Melanie Storrusten, who spoke about the importance of your mental health and staying in alignment. Brandi Mitchell spoke about your branding, and taking ownership of who you are and to live your brand. Cecelia Townes led the leadership workshop and left us with amazing advice, that when fear steps in, to focus on your vision. She also reminded the women to act like yourself, but think like a boy and shoot your shot.

The keynote speaker was Sarah Thomas, who made history being the first and only woman to hold the position of full-time official (referee) for the National Football League. One thing that definitely stood out to me from her speech was to do what you love for the love of it, and not the notoriety. Mabel A. Nuñez, of Girl$ on The Money, spoke on building your wealth by knowing where you stand now but building for the future.

The panel discussion featured Catie Griggs, the Vice President of Business Operations for the @atlutd, Jill Robinson, the Executive Vice President & CFO of Braves Holdings, LLC, Swimmer Kara Lynn Joyce, 3-Time US Olympian, 4-Time Olympic Silver Medalist and 18-Time NCAA National Champion, and the founder of the LEAD Sports Summit for girls, Yolanda Moore, former professional athlete and head women’s college basketball coach, and Lee Hendrickson, who leads the Atlanta Super Bowl Host Committee’s community initiative.

This summit was informative, inspirational, and definitely a highlight of this super bowl week of events.


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