#WCW: Robin Bone

“Turn your dreams into a goal and a goal into a reality.” Prior to documenting some of Robin Bone’s training sessions, we connected to do some updates for her modeling portfolio for Sports + Lifestyle Unlimited Agency. We decided to start with a sunrise shoot which turned out AMAZING lighting wise, but what you can’t…

#GetFreeWithBee – Toby

Had the opportunity to reconnect with my cousin Toby who moved to LA to pursue music. After having some thai food and reminiscing on our childhood and talking about our goals we were aiming to achieve in LA we both left so full and excited to see where our art would take us. Of course…

#Flashback Friday – Brett Alexander

“Court is in session”

With the NBA playoffs in the mix I was inspired to do a basketball shoot. Had the opportunity to collaborate with Brett Alexander, and got the chance to play around a little bit more with long exposures and colored gels.